A Fall Benefits Refresh


A Fall Benefits Refresh

For many companies, fall is open enrollment season. While employers prepare their employees to make informed decisions on their benefits, it is also important to ensure their enrollment decisions are managed effectively and efficiently. Not sure how to streamline benefits administration? Use our helpful checklist to do more in less time with the Colonial Life for Clients portal.

  1. Update your contact information. Take a moment to log into your account and review your profile.
  2. Make employee changes online. It not only saves time, it ensures critical updates are made in a timely fashion.
  3. Double-check your invoices. It’s common for plan administrators to make employee changes after a new invoice has been generated. That’s why it’s important to review your invoices online, update them in real-time, and let us provide you with the revised balance due.
  4. Set up your company’s bank account. With a bank account on file, you can quickly and easily submit payments through the Colonial Life for Clients portal.
  5. Use digital payments and never miss a due date. Paying online is secure and simple. It’s also the fastest way to have your payments processed. We’ll email you when your invoice is ready, you can review your balance and then, in a few clicks, submit your payment in less time than it takes to find an envelope – and without the cost of a stamp.
  6. Perfect your payroll. Do you often find that your payroll deductions aren’t accurate? It can be a waste of time to figure out what’s not adding up. Thankfully, you can now use the Change Report within the Colonial Life for Clients portal to proactively make sure your employee changes are reflected in your payroll. You can find it under “Reports & Documents.”
  7. Work as a team. If several members of your staff are involved in the benefits process, your Primary Plan Administrator can give them access to your account online. Everyone who needs eyes on your account can do so online without an email or phone call.

We understand how busy it is during this time of year. By taking advantage of the Colonial Life for Clients portal, the benefits experience is simplified and more time can be dedicated to helping employees make decisions that protect themselves and their families.

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