How can accident insurance help protect against the unexpected?

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How can accident insurance help protect against the unexpected?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals have opted to work remote or hybrid schedules, spending more time in the home than ever before. Work, school and life often exist in the same spaces, and it’s not a surprise that the National Safety Council reported over 113,500 injury-related deaths in homes in 2020.

Good safety practices can help prevent common home injuries, but it’s also important to prepare for the unexpected. Here’s a look at how accident insurance coverage makes a critical difference in people’s lives every day.

A common accident insurance coverage scenario

Imagine a common scenario: an otherwise healthy 43-year-old accountant named Shelby suffers a fall in her home and can’t work for 12 weeks during her recovery period. She takes advantage of the short-term disability plan her employer offers, which provides 60 percent of her income. However, it still isn’t enough to make ends meet in the face of mounting bills for the ambulance ride, hospital stay, x-rays, surgery, and physical therapy. Meanwhile, she still has a house to maintain, and her regular bills to keep up with.

That’s where Shelby’s accident insurance coverage comes in. Accident insurance is designed to pay a benefit directly to the policyholder. That means Shelby received her money to help with out-of-pocket expenses and even household bills.

How technology expedites the claims process

By filing online, Shelby avoided any unexpected delays and received instant alerts throughout the claims process. She was able to get the help she needed, when she needed it. Shelby was able to get her payment 7 days faster by filing her claim online, and it was even directly deposited to her account. She received SMS status updates along the way, and the online claims wizard ensured no paperwork was missing that would delay her benefit.

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