Caring for the community

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Caring for the community

How to demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Many employees want to work for a company where charitable giving and volunteering are supported. Those companies that push sustainable giving throughout the year find it is beneficial to employees and the bottom-line.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond dollars and cents. It can be the gift of time, networking circles, or partnership resources. When companies develop an authentic CSR strategy it can impact employee engagement, recruitment, brand, and reputation.

Research shows millennials and Gen Z are more willing to make choices about the type of work they’re prepared to do and the organizations they’re willing to work for based on personal ethics. Some ways that companies can promote corporate social responsibility are:

  • Get into the Community. Encourage designated time away from the desk so employees can do some good in the community. Whether it is helping older veterans repair their home, reading to a classroom of kids (in person or virtually), or mentoring students to help prepare for the workforce, every act of kindness helps build goodwill in the community.
  • Share Resources. Small businesses and community organizations may need legal advice, website design, or office space but don’t have the resources. Larger companies can offer employee knowledge through mentoring, gently used furniture or office space in-kind to partner organizations.
  • Reinvest Locally. When the Cops Care Program in Chattanooga needed blankets and toys for young children, Unum employees helped stuff nearly 1,000 backpacks. Chattanooga Police officers keep the backpacks in their vehicles to give to children in the community.
  • Scan the Social Environment. In 2020, when political and social changes were everyday headlines, businesses pledged to hire more minority leaders. They also looked at their CSR strategy and pledged dollars and resources to minority businesses. Unum started a Social Justice Fund to support organizations working to end racism, discrimination, and bias.
  • Find Shared Values. If a company value is to support community youth, partner with local organizations that support youth. If the goal is securing employment, partner with local organizations that help with resume writing and other job skills. For example, during the height of the COVID-19 delta variant, Unum employees packed 3,800 snack bags for employees. This touched the company driven value of having a caring spirit.

While businesses seek positive returns on investments, building a company culture of giving shouldn’t be complicated. Weave corporate social responsibility into strategic goals and objectives. It can help sway recruitment, employee retention, and brand recognition, which can all impact the bottom line.

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