6 tips to reinforce a culture of integrity

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6 tips to reinforce a culture of integrity

Operating with the highest level of integrity is a responsibility of every person at Colonial Life and Unum.

And as one of Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies, there’s been lessons learned to help us successfully foster a culture of ethics, integrity and accountability.

As you look to strengthen ethical decision making and integrity in your workplace, consider these six tips:

  1. Knowledge is key. Showcasing a culture of ethics begins with education. Ensure your company has a Code of Conduct, a confidential Ethics/Whistleblowing Hotline and dedicated place for employees to learn more.
  2. Participate in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. This global celebration is organized each year by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. It’s held in early November and serves to educate others about ethics and compliance, while having fun at the same time.
  3. Reinforce in daily conversations. Talk about your company’s values and ethics during one-on-ones and team and department meetings. The more doing the right thing is demonstrated and encouraged, the more likely employees are to come forward when they have a concern.
  4. Know what’s trending.Don’t be shy to highlight a current news story that focuses on someone making (or not making) an ethical decision. Consider how to incorporate these examples into a situation that could happen in your workplace.
  5. Show transparency. Don’t hold back from sharing an ethical dilemma you’ve faced. Personal examples, especially learning opportunities, can have a powerful impact.
  6. Recognize others.If you see someone showing ethical decision making, recognize them. From small to big wins, acknowledging the right behavior can go a long way.
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