Protect your phone, personal information

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Protect your phone, personal information

You’re checking email when an unknown sender asks you to click a strange link or enter your credit card information.

Email scams and phishing attempts are nothing new, but emails aren’t the only way scammers attempt to take your personal information.

Some hackers can control calls or texts to your personal cell phone before they reach you. Hackers can redirect your texts or calls to a different number can to gain access to bank accounts, credit cards or other valuable information by falsely authenticating they’re you.

But there are several steps you can take to protect your personal phone and sensitive information and protect your online identity.

Additional phone security tips:

  • Never leave your phone unattended
  • Change your phone’s default passcode
  • Manage your Bluetooth security
  • Protect your PIN and credit card data

Use social media? Consider these tips to protect your finances from identity theft.

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