Settle into your home office space

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Settle into your home office space

If the coronavirus outbreak has you working from home, posting up at the kitchen counter is probably preventing you from feeling settled – and less productive.

Your workspace should reflect your personality and be separate from the rest of your house, and beauty of working from home is that you’re free to decorate however you choose.

Here are a few tips to give you that needed inspiration.

Dress for the workday: Set the alarm to shower and get ready for a regular workday. Dressing the part will help you feel ready to take on the workday regardless of where you’re sitting.

Get comfortable: Not so comfortable that you want to spend the day napping, but ergonomically comfortable. Invest in a good office chair, try standing up throughout the workday and use a desk or table that makes you feel like you’re working in the office.

Utilize natural light: The brighter your home office the better you can see and the better you’ll work. Set up underneath or by a window. Having a view of the outdoors will boost your mood and remind you to take a break and get some fresh air.

Clear the clutter: Organization is key – nobody works well in a messy home office. Use bookcases or cabinets for storage. Try a cork or pin board to organize supplies or papers that would get shoved into a drawer or consider practicing hygge.

Work with a purpose: Invest in a notebook or planner to keep a running list of what you need to do, and cross items off as you go. Put that to-do list on the cork board mentioned above – with the list always in sight you’re more likely to want to get tasks done.

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