Colonial Life, Home Works remodel home and build community partnership

Colonial Life Cares

Colonial Life, Home Works remodel home and build community partnership

You may have seen a few of our team members around town recently covered in paint and dirt and wondered what they were up to. They devoted a portion of their workday to spruce up a Columbia home.

Over the course of two days, 60 Colonial Life employees provided some tender love and care to one home near North Main Street with some new landscape, paint and roof repair with Home Works of America.

Home Works of America is a nonprofit ministry that provides home repair services to low-income families across the state of South Carolina. Colonial Life has volunteered with the home repair program for more than a decade, with hundreds of employee volunteers working together to remodel homes through the nonprofit.

“There’s something special about getting your hands dirty and contributing towards something bigger than yourself,” says Tim Arnold, Colonial Life CEO and president. “It’s a great way to get to spend time with employees in different business areas while breaking a sweat, learning a new craft and serving someone else.”

Arnold spent most of Tuesday morning laying gray vinyl peel-and-stick laminate flooring in the kitchen while Chief Finance Officer Josh Nelson ventured onto the roof for some shingle patch repair. Other employees cut back brush, sanded and re-sealed a deck, and planted frost-proof Gardenias in the front yard.

Colonial Life’s corporate social responsibility program focuses on education, health and wellness and cultural arts. Read more about Colonial Life’s corporate social responsibility efforts on Colonial Life’s Facebook page.

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