How to beat the heat while dressing for success

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How to beat the heat while dressing for success

It’s 2019, and casual dress in the workplace is becoming more and more accepted. But there are still certain clothing items you should avoid in the workplace.

As we head into the hottest month of the summer, it may be harder to dress professionally without exposing too much skin. Here are some simple tips for beating the heat while still dressing for success.

  • Aim for cooler fabrics. Fabrics like cotton and linen tend to be thinner, helping to keep you cool in the hot summer weather.
  • Avoid dressing too casually. Shorts are usually not appropriate for the office. Avoid wearing skimpy tank tops or swimsuits underneath clothing as well.
  • Keep a cardigan or light jacket on hand. While sleeveless tops may be acceptable for women, it’s more professional to wear an unlined blazer or thin cardigan over them while in conferences or meetings. They’re also handy if your office tends to crank up the air conditioning.
  • Choose clothing colors wisely. If sweat stains are your main concern in the summer, aim for darker colors o hide them. If sweat isn’t an issue for you, then go for the lighter colors to stay cooler while in the sun.
  • Wear dresses. (Sorry guys, this one is probably for the gals only.) Dresses help keep you cool in the summer months due to their flowy fabrics. Just be sure the dresses you choose are office-appropriate: no spaghetti straps or short minis.
  • Aim for heat-friendly footwear. Canvas shoes and sandals are great for avoiding heat in the summer. But check your company dress code — some workplaces ban flipflops or other thong-toed sandals.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. During the summer, simple clothing tends to be coolest. But if you feel your summer work outfit is too casual, add some accessories to spice it up.

If you’re not sure what’s appropriate in your office, just ask a coworker, your manager or your HR department. Many companies have set dress codes, while some have more lenient practices.

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