6 places you can go for a staycation

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6 places you can go for a staycation

We know it’s important to take a little time off from work. Vacations allow us to get the relaxation and rest we need to be productive. They also keep us from getting worn out, which can lead to burnout and stress.

But let’s face it. We don’t always get the luxury of taking off a week or two at a time. Sometimes all we can do is take a day here and there. The challenge is turning a day off or a long weekend into a relaxing and recharging time.

Instead of letting a few days off turn into errands and appointments, plan a staycation. You know the term. It’s when we take time off but don’t really travel anywhere. We do things in our city or a nearby city. Here are six activities to consider for a staycation:

1. Find the water. Many people find the sight, sound and smell of water to be incredibly relaxing. If you live close enough to water, consider spending some time doing a water activity. It might be tubing down a river, boating on a lake or walking on the beach.

2. Visit a park.
If going to a location with water isn’t possible, find some peaceful nature. Maybe it’s hiking a trail or climbing a mountain. Or visiting a local, state or national park. There are private parks with wonderful grounds. Inquire if you can pack a picnic lunch for a little extra time in the sun — just be sure to use your sunscreen.

3. Go to a museum. There are art museums, history museums, and zoos in many cities or nearby towns. Visit one of your favorites. Or think about visiting one you’ve never considered before. It might surprise you!

4. Play tourist. Memphis has Graceland. Chicago has Navy Pier. Every city has a claim to fame. Do you know what makes your city unique and special? Go on a search to find and tour those places. They can be educational, historical and fun.

5. Binge watch a favorite TV show or movie series. If you spend a lot of time traveling, you might be saying to yourself, “I just want to stay home.” Just don’t let it become a day of housecleaning and laundry. Put something in a slow-cooker, then spend the afternoon binge-watching a favorite show or movie.

6. Take a class. Local schools and universities offer noncredit educational programs in subjects such as cooking, art, sports and languages. It’s a great way to meet people and learn about something you’ve always wanted to explore.

There’s a lot to see in your city
It might be our first reaction to get away to relax and have some fun but it’s possible to do it by staying at home. Not only can it be fun, educational and healthy for us, but it could be less costly.

To find places to go in your city, check out your local chamber of commerce website or grab some attraction brochures next time you’re in the airport. Maybe create a little staycation folder. Have it handy for those times when you know you have a long weekend coming up. In fact, you could make selecting your staycation agenda a bit of fun by randomly choosing a brochure. Who said staying at home has to be boring?

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