Colonial Life invests $30,000 in Richland Library Edgewood

Colonial Life Cares

Colonial Life invests $30,000 in Richland Library Edgewood

Richland Library opened a new location in the Edgewood community last month, serving as a multi-purpose facility for residents and local college students.

Colonial Life invested $30,000 to support programming and services to advance the library’s mission to create viable pathways and easy access to learning services for community members.

Tim Arnold represented Colonial Life at the donor’s grand opening reception and snapped the photo below of the company’s signage displayed in the children’s reading center.

“Our investment in this vital cornerstone of the community helps provide a plan to learn, create and share,” Tim said. “A library, especially one in an economically disadvantaged community, is a great way for us to promote educating and equipping future leaders by prioritizing lifelong learning.”

Other recent charitable investments in the Columbia community include:

$5,000 grant to Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services for the Service Dogs for Disabilities program to help one person with disabilities receive a trained service dog to lead a more independent and enriching life
$10,000 grant to Epworth Children’s Home for the Center for Independent Living, which provides support and academic assistance to older students who have graduated from high school and are in a two- or four-year college or are preparing for the job market
$8,500 grant to Town Theatre in support of Youth Theatre programming for aspiring artists for opportunities to perform in productions with equal stature as the main stage shows complete with lights, sound, costumes and all technologies

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