5 ways reading will improve your life

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5 ways reading will improve your life

Ask any teacher and he or she will stress the importance of it. Ask any kid who spends time after school at the library and he or she will give you rave reviews about it.

What’s that “it” I’m talking about? Reading.

Reading is not just a mere hobby: It’s an activity necessary for our growth in almost every area of our life. It plays a critical role in developing our problem-solving skills, our ability to analyze and our overall intelligence.

But why does it become so challenging to maintain this incredibly beneficial activity as we get older? Perhaps we’ve forgotten why we need to read in the first place. Here are 5 ways reading will improve your life:

1. Significantly boost your ability to understand concepts.
When we read about certain things, settings or people we don’t normally have access to, we can grow to understand them and increase our awareness of the world around us. Further, reading about certain concepts allows us, in some capacity, to incorporate these new ideas into our existing everyday lives.

2. Aid your ability to communicate.
When we were children, books exposed us to new words, phrases and sentence flow. Even if you’re an advanced reader now as an adult, the opportunity to expand your vocabulary always exists. When you learn more words and new ways of saying things, the ways in which you communicate and write — by email, report or letter — can improve in ways you never imagined.

3. Increase your appetite for learning.
You don’t have to be a major academic to take part in the joys of discovering something new. After all, learning as an activity can be addictive in itself. The more you learn, the more you’ll want to learn. Stay curious — this inquisitiveness can help you create a rich and exciting life.

4. Let in creativity.
When we read about famous innovators, artists, ideas, anything … we can grab inspiration from the people and things we learn about. Whether our interests are piqued by language, influential figures or abstract concepts, reading has a fascinating capability to carve out paths to increased creativity.

5. Improve your health.
There’s a reason why nursing homes and assisted living facilities frequently have “reading aloud” programs. Aside from the fact that reading is a great form of mental stimulation and entertainment, studies have shown it can even reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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