7 sure ways to avoid holiday stress

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7 sure ways to avoid holiday stress

We often love the holiday season because it’s supposed to be a fun, pleasant time for us to start to wind down and eventually relax — both at work and at home.

But instead of lazy naps by the fire and stress-free days in the office filled with holiday cheer, you might instead encounter crowded gift shopping, icy roads, irate customers and chaotic project deadlines.

If you want to experience the full extent of the peace, joy and love the holidays can offer, here are 7 ways to banish holiday stress from your life.

1. Get organized now. As tasks begin to pile up at the end of the year, events and project deadlines can overlap and be easily forgotten. Being organized is a good idea at any time of the year, but you’ll certainly feel less stressed if you’re highly organized going into the holidays.

2. Remember what makes the holiday season great. The holiday season is a special time of the year to feel joy and peace, and to be in the company of those you love. Remember to give as much as you get in the workplace. Your colleagues will do the same and you’ll create a kinder and more loving atmosphere.

3. Be good to yourself, too. Sometimes we look back at the end of the year and feel regret for the things we did or didn’t do — both for others, but most often for ourselves. Instead of having regrets, take time now to start being good to yourself as well as to others in your work and life. Live your life to the fullest and minimize the regrets.

4. Learn to say “no.” One thing to love about the holiday season? All the fun parties your friends, family members or coworkers will be having. One thing to hate about the holiday season? The sheer amount of party invites flooding your inbox. You don’t need to feel obligated to attend every single party or say “Yes” to every event you’re asked to participate in. Your time and energy are important and should be protected.

5. Approach cards in a smarter way. You know the drill: Every year most companies mail out lots of physical holiday cards to customers and clients. Although taking the time to thank clients is a great gesture, holiday cards can cost a lot of time and money to purchase and write. To minimize stress and cost, consider sending out e-cards this holiday season instead.

6. Be emotional. If the holidays are an emotional time of year for you, no need to keep your emotions hidden away. Let your feelings out. It’ll be cathartic for you — releasing the tension you’ve bottled up inside — and your coworkers and team members will appreciate working with someone who’s authentic and comfortable with who they are.

7. Let your heart lead the way. Customers, coworkers, employees, vendors, clients — they all deserve empathy and compassion always, but especially during the holiday season. If things go crazy at the office, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and do everything you can to resolve the problems compassionately and with kindness. Decisions made from the heart will make their holiday season that much more special.

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