10 activities you should do before the year ends

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10 activities you should do before the year ends

There are two types of people. The first gets to go on vacation the last two weeks of the year. And the second doesn’t. Today’s post is for those people in the second category.

Let’s face it: It’s a bummer to work the last couple of weeks of the year. It’s often slow around the office. No one is around to swap stories and have lunch with. But it’s time to change that perception. Working the last two weeks of the year can be awesome, because you can get a jump start on the New Year. You can do all those things you’ve been pushing off all year.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can do while the office is a little slower that will help you personally and professionally have a great start on the New Year:

1. Get your calendar ready. If you have a vacation already planned for 2019 or there’s a conference you attend every year, get those dates blocked off on your new calendar. Whether you use paper or digital, the last thing you want to do is double-book yourself.

2. Clean up your computer. Got some files from 10 years ago you don’t need using up memory? Now’s the time to get rid of them. One word of caution: Make sure you really don’t need those files before you purge them.

3. Shred old documents. As you start cleaning out files, you might find some sensitive documents you don’t want to dispose of in the recycling bin. Find a secure way for document disposal. This goes for personal documents as well. Some communities host shred events to help residents dispose of sensitive documents (and help reduce identity theft).

4. Update your passwords. Technology and security are more than just buzzwords — they’re essential components of our personal and professional lives. If you haven’t updated your passwords lately, consider doing it now.

5. Conduct a social media audit. Make sure your social media profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are up to date. That includes having a current avatar and bio. If you have some extra time, explore joining a LinkedIn or Facebook group.

6. Get financial files in order. The end of the year signals that taxes will be due soon. Make sure you have everything you need. And if you need to request information, now’s the perfect time to put together a list of people to contact in January.

7. Check expiration dates in your medicine cabinet. This activity only takes a moment but is very important in your personal life. Discuss with your medical professional when you should dispose of mediations. Make sure what’s in your medicine cabinet is safe. Find an appropriate place to discard old medications.

8. Catch up on reading. Or listening to podcasts. Do you have a list of white papers, books and podcasts you’ve been trying to find time for? Well, now’s the time. Take a book with you to lunch every day. Or listen to a podcast while walking around the building.

9. Network with friends and colleagues. You’re not the only person having to work over the last two weeks of the year. Reach out to colleagues and schedule some “catch up” time. They’ll appreciate it as much as you will.

10. Schedule some me time. Finally, just because you have to work doesn’t mean you can’t get some fun in. Take advantage of a company perk that maybe you don’t use very often. Or if you typically bring your lunch, splurge and have lunch out one day.

The last couple of weeks in the year don’t have to be boring. These activities might not sound super exciting, but when you see how much you’ve accomplished, you’ll feel awesome. And you’ll be ready to work hard and accomplish all of your goals in the year ahead.

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