Why I Give: Jeanne Reynolds

Colonial Life Cares

Why I Give: Jeanne Reynolds

Jeanne Reynolds, director of employee and corporate communications at Colonial Life, gives blood to the American Red Cross because it’s a responsibility she gladly accepts.

“I’m blessed to be healthy enough to donate regularly, and I have a slightly uncommon blood type,” Jeanne said.

While modern medical science has created many life-saving artificial body parts, it hasn’t created artificial blood — at least not any that’s approved for use in the U.S. And even still, those unapproved blood substitutes don’t serve all the functions that true blood does.

“I donate my time and money to other organizations, but those contributions can’t create blood,” Jeanne said. “There’s simply no other way to get it than from living donations from people like me.”

Jeanne says donating to the American Red Cross at Colonial Life is easy and convenient, especially since that time away from work is a company-approved volunteer activity.

Helping save lives isn’t the only incentive to donate, Jeanne says. “We get free cookies, too!”

There’s always a need for blood, especially in the summer months when donations are lower. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood, and your donation could potentially save up to three lives.

The American Red Cross facilitates a blood drive at Colonial Life in Columbia, SC every eight weeks. Thirty-three employees donated blood to the blood drive May 29.

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