Start the new year with a social media audit

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Start the new year with a social media audit

The start of a new year can provide us with the opportunity to re-energize and renew. Some of us take advantage of that by setting goals and/or resolutions. It’s also a great time to get organized. Not only file away that pile of paperwork that’s been sitting on the corner of our desk for a few weeks (or months!) but to make sure our digital presence is current and optimized.

Having an online personal brand isn’t considered a nice-to-have activity. It’s a must-have. Too many key business communications take place using technology. One aspect of our personal brand that needs regular updating is social media.

That’s why you should find some time to do your own social media audit. While you really should do this more often than once a year, annually is a good place to start.

5 Things to Regularly Review on Your Social Media Accounts

Here’s a list of five activities you should consider so your social media presence stays current. You might want to bookmark this page and use it as a regular reference guide.

1. Update your password. The last thing you want is for someone to hack into your social media account and lock you out. And don’t get lulled into some false sense of security that only celebrities have their accounts compromised. Be proactive and regularly update your password. Not only does it keep your account safe, but it allows you to think about good, strong passwords that you’ll remember.

2. Make sure your contact info is current. If you want to be contacted by recruiters for job openings or the media for press opportunities, you’ll want to keep your contact information up to date. Many people are relying on social media as their digital Rolodex (instead of Outlook Contacts) because the information is more current and it’s easier to find. Help people find you by keeping your phone and email current.

3. Consider updating your avatar and header images. This is certainly not a must, but an outdated account is a reflection of your personal brand. Avatars and header images provide others with a glimpse of your style and personality. So, use them to your advantage and ditch the outdated photos! Enough said.

4. Unfriend, unfollow, and unlike. Let’s face it, we often connect with people and places that lose their value over time. It might be a restaurant on Facebook that we don’t go to anymore or a trendy Twitter account like the Bronx Zoo Cobra. It’s not necessary to make a grand announcement that you’re culling your connections, but be sure to regularly clean up your accounts. It allows you to focus on the right connections for optimal benefit.

5. Review your profile and bio. Change jobs? Got a promotion? Time to update your profile information. Also make sure to list your accomplishments – certifications, key project results, board positions, etc. When you don’t update your accounts on a regular basis, it can be difficult to remember all these details. Regular reviews make the task of updating easier.

Social Media Enhances Your Personal Brand

You’re on social media for a reason – to maintain and improve your personal brand. A huge piece of that is keeping your presence current. Reviewing and maintaining your social media accounts doesn’t have to be a lengthy activity. Take a few moments each month.

The results will be noticed. Others will want to connect with you. And you will have a strong personal brand that you can be proud of.

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