Turn procrastination to your advantage


Turn procrastination to your advantage

It’s hard to view procrastination as a virtue or a desired status. Even loaded terms like “aggressive” or “stubborn” can be considered strengths in a particular light. Despite the bad rap, procrastination can be some serious fuel for you reaching your goals.

First, procrastination buys something truly valuable: Time. When you delay action, you are actually giving your brain more time to work out the best strategy. In fact, if something is top of mind, your brain will continue to try to find a smarter solution whether or not you are focused on the idea.

Second, focus on removing the guilt around your procrastination. There is often a reason why you aren’t motivated to start or finish something yet. When you just wallow in the guilt, though, you are making it harder to figure out what nuance you may be missing. There is also nothing good that can come from making yourself feel more guilty – it’s not like feeling bad will snap you back into being productive!

And instead of making yourself do something, try letting the current task go, shifting gears and putting your mind onto something else. Some of the most brilliant thinkers had their big breakthroughs when they’ve gone for a walk, cleaned their house or had a cup a tea. It is possible to concentrate on an idea too much, so allowing procrastination to win for a while gives your mind a chance to rest, refocus and, in many cases, return with a stronger plan than you had before.

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