Maximize creativity using less resources


Maximize creativity using less resources

You likely don’t need more time, money or other resources to reach your full potential. The challenge usually isn’t what we have, but what we actually do with what we already possess. And if you did have all the resources in the world, you’d be less likely to be as innovative, if not as successful.

The limitations you have unlock a few different, unique gifts.

Less resources push you to be strategic: A limited supply of time or money automatically creates an efficiency in both the focus you have when you work as well as the cost you put into your product or service. An unlimited amount of time means you have no reason to concentrate, while an unlimited budget means you have no reason to make the wisest investments.

Your limitations also give you speed: You know that you have a window of opportunity, so you are more likely to make it count. Startups call this a “runway”, or how long the company can function based on the amount of resources it currently has. You may not be in a startup, but you do have a runway based on your current funds, time available or even your competitor’s deadlines. The pressure from your personal runway makes you perform even better.

The boundaries you have provide some serious creativity, too: It’s not a coincidence that geniuses from The Wright Brothers to Albert Einstein worked within significant limitations. The fact that you can’t take forever or buy your way to enlightenment forces you to truly innovate.

Your lack of resources is not a curse, but a significant, albeit disguised blessing.

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