Breast cancer: Why Angie Hayden walks


Breast cancer: Why Angie Hayden walks

Angie Hayden, a service consultant in the Contact Center, will Walk for Life Oct. 14 in honor of her mother’s fight against breast cancer.

WorkLife: How have you or a loved one been affected by breast cancer?

Angie: My mother is a two-time cancer survivor . She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early thirties, and fortunately it was operable. It was a difficult time, but she is one of the lucky ones who beat the disease. Less than a decade later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which is often the way breast cancer chooses to return. Being the fighter that she is, she underwent a full hysterectomy and chemotherapy. I believe she’s with us today in part to early detection and her fighting spirit.

WorkLife: Why should employees join the Colonial Life Walk/Race for Life team?

Angie: Breast cancer is a devastating disease that impacts millions of families every year. While we can’t stop this on our own, we can come together and support organizations and events like Walk for Life that raise awareness and fund research. I love Colonial Life’s community involvement and support of employee participation in important causes like Walk for Life.

WorkLife: Why is it important to have Columbia campus support of the walk?

Angie: It’s encouraging to work for an organization that supports millions of policyholders in their time of need and invests in our local community through volunteer efforts and donations.

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