7 job interview mistakes to avoid


7 job interview mistakes to avoid

For job applicants, the interview is usually the most nerve-racking part of the hiring process. You know you’re past the resume scan, but have yet to prove to the person doing the hiring that you’re the perfect fit for the job.

To ace your next job interview, make sure you avoid making these 7 mistakes. You’ll be one big step closer to landing the job of your dreams.

1. Arriving late

One of the easiest mistakes every person can avoid is being late to the interview. Even if you’re just 5 minutes late, neglecting to arrive on time for your interview automatically leaves a bad first impression in your interviewer’s eyes. It clearly demonstrates that you don’t respect their time, and you don’t really care all that much about getting the job.

2. Not appearing engaged

While job interviews might not be the most interesting thing in the world, it’s up to you to appear interested and excited by the conversation. If you come across as eager, motivated, and enthusiastic about the opportunity, your job interviewer will leave the meeting with the same impression.

3. Forgetting to turn off your phone

Before your interview, it’s imperative you take the extra few seconds to make sure your phone is off, or on silent mode throughout your interview. Although it’s very common for people to be inseparable from their mobile devices, it’s very disrespectful to have an interview interrupted by a text or call.

4. Nervously fidgeting

Even if you’re not all that comfortable speaking to a stranger, try not to give it away by incessantly shaking your leg or tapping your foot. Fidgeting shows your discomfort, making your interviewer believe that you’re trying to flee the scene as quickly as possible.

5. Speaking poorly about where you last worked

There’s nothing professional about trash talking, regardless of how you might feel about your last company. Refrain from saying anything excessively negative about your previous workplace; it’ll appear much more professional.

6. Arriving underdressed

It’s always better to be over rather than underdressed, and a job interview is no exception. Come looking your best, and it’ll be evident you put effort into the interview and that you really do care.

7. Forgetting to smile

No matter how nervous you might be during the interview, always remember to smile freely during the meeting. The positive effect that simply smiling and being happy has on your interviewer might surprise you.

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