Stay productive while traveling


Stay productive while traveling

All but the most seasoned road warriors have struggled to stay productive while traveling.

Even veteran travelers have occasional bouts with procrastination, fatigue and jet lag that keep them from performing at their best.

There is no ultimate solution to keeping focused while on the road, but there are some general rules that can help you perform better.

One useful habit is to begin any projects before you actually step foot on that train, plane or automobile.

Starting a new idea requires focus, and it’s tougher to focus when you’re in a tight seat, adjusting to altitudes or shaking along on a bumpy road. Even doing a simple outline or sketch beforehand of what work you want to accomplish can give you enough momentum to be creative and productive once you start traveling.

Also, consider not working for particular times and schedule in short, focused periods where you will be strictly working.

If you have a 10-hour flight, then maybe the first two hours, the in-flight meals, and the last two hours will be free of work, but the remaining time is blocked off for you to deep dive into your project. You may be spending less time working, but the time you do spend working will likely be more intense because you actually gave yourself time to rest.

Building in breathing room is also essential to being productive on the road.

The smoothest trip will still have its share of unexpected turbulence, traffic delays and unforeseen stress. Buffer in time for any issues that may cause delays along the way, which means creating realistic, manageable expectations for what you will actually accomplish while you are traveling.

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