Make time for your passion


Make time for your passion

Here’s a fact: There will never be an ideal time for you to start on something you care about.

The best move is to look realistically at the resources you have today and take smart steps to make achievable goals within your limitations. And time is almost always your biggest limitation.

One smart way to create more time for your passion is to integrate it into your current lifestyle.

Experts like psychologist Susan Davis call this piggybacking: Taking a current habit and attaching another healthy habit into the routine. For instance, if you commute on the train for an hour every day, then use that idle time to read up on your craft rather than resting or watching entertainment.

Another opportunity you have is sharing your ultimate desire with your social network. Some people strive on accountability, meaning that you could be more likely to make smart decisions if you know other people are counting on you to succeed.

At minimum, though, sharing your goals with your closest confidants enables them to help you create the time – even by willingly sacrificing your time together to do so.

Finally, make a simple, achievable commitment for every day. Perhaps it is watching a short YouTube video every night, practicing your craft for 15 minutes or emailing one new person who can help you make progress.

A very short action accumulates quickly over time and is often much more effective than focusing on a big, intimidating goal that can take too much momentum to start and stick to.

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