7 things that make you unlikable


7 things that make you unlikable

It’s generally acknowledged that, when interacting with others, the things we do that irritate them the most are usually things we didn’t realize we were doing to begin with. These are the “silent killers” of our likability—the irritating things we do that just aren’t on our radar screens.

Wondering how to make yourself more likable? The best place to begin is to stop doing the kinds of things that annoy others. If you stop doing the following 7 annoying things, you’ll soon be on the way to being a really likable person.

1. Making everything about you

There’s nothing people dislike more than someone who feels the need to constantly make every conversation about themselves—how great they are, what a wonderful job they did, why they should be singled out for special recognition by management. It’s egotistical, selfish, and uncaring to make every single statement about you. Focus on others instead.

2. Checking your phone constantly

Unless you’re trying to deal with a family or work emergency or crisis, it’s super rude to be on your phone while trying to spend quality time with someone else. Save the scrolling for when you’re alone if you want to be likable.

3. Sloppy writing

Having poor handwriting is admittedly a small thing, but it’s definitely one of those small irritations that can build up when people get frustrated trying to understand what you mean to say. Make your messages legible, and people will instantly start being more receptive to what you have to say—and to you.

4. Being an overly aggressive driver

Although this might not be a habit that immediately comes to mind, it turns out that driving aggressively can actually come off to people as a subliminal sign that you’re aggressive, impatient, and unable to be patient. Not only that, but you just might earn yourself a traffic ticket in the process.

5. Being late

Although some entitled people think they can get away with always being late to meetings and appointments, there’s nothing more annoying than someone who doesn’t value your time. It’s something people always notice—so just leave five minutes earlier to keep from being five minutes late.

6. Being rude to store and restaurant staff

How you treat people who serve you at a store or restaurant speaks volumes about the kind of person you really are. If you’re rude and curt with the people whose job it is to help and provide you with a pleasant shopping or dining experience, then chances are you’re also being rude and curt with your coworkers, friends, and significant others too.

7. Walking too fast

Even though it makes sense that you would want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, there’s something incredibly unpleasant about being with someone who’s always in a rush. Fast walkers are considered neurotic and high-strung—the opposite of what we would consider as likable.

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