Calculate your odds of suffering disability


Calculate your odds of suffering disability

You probably don’t realize it, but May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

Each year, insurers, adjacent businesses, agents, brokers, employers and industry organizations come together to remind the American public about the risk of income interruption, the consequences of being unprepared, and the importance and value of disability insurance.

This year, the Council for Disability Awareness campaign highlights a simple truth when it comes to disability insurance: When you buy it, you are insuring yourself – your skills, experience, and ability to work.

While Disability Insurance Awareness Month means nothing to you, protecting yourself and your family from the possibility of a disability is certainly vital. At WorkLife, we’ve pulled together all of our resources on disability insurance to give you the best information. To learn more, click on the links below.

To find your odds of suffering a disability that could hurt your chances of receiving a paycheck, use the CDA calculator below to calculate your PDQ.

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