Partner Profile: EdVenture Children’s Museum


Partner Profile: EdVenture Children’s Museum

Partner Profile: EdVenture Children’s Museum

Location: Columbia, SC

Mission: To inspire children, youth, and the adults who care about them to experience the joy of learning.

How Colonial Life supports Edventure: Colonial Life in 2016 became the presenting sponsor of Youth Development at EdVenture with a three-year grant totaling $75,000. This partnership includes three Youth Development programs for 2016, 2017 and 2018:

  • Future Leaders
  • The Museum Apprentice Program
  • BioInvestigators Program

In addition to corporate financial support, Colonial Life provides leadership through employee service on the board of trustees and employee volunteers for special events.

Colonial Life President/ CEO Tim Arnold will give an opening message at the annual Be A Boss Youth Summit in late March 2017. The summit helps empower 6th- through 10th-graders by learning about and discussing the following topics: How to Develop Leadership Skills, How to Increase Self-Confidence, Maintaining a Healthy Self Image, Vision and Goal Setting and more. Students will attend this one-day event for free. Several Colonial Life employees and leaders will be on-hand to serve as mentors during the event.

Why? “Through my own children, I’ve seen firsthand how children’s museums connect a child’s academic world to real world applications,” said Mary Wagnon, assistant vice president and pricing actuary at Colonial Life and a member of the EdVenture board of directors. “When children are excited about learning, they perform better in school, which leads to more success for them, and all of us in the community.”

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