Effective weight loss through nutrition counseling


Effective weight loss through nutrition counseling

There’s a reason that losing weight tops more resolution lists than any other goal: More than a third of U.S. adults are obese, estimates the Centers for Disease Control.

This time of year, weight-loss programs and diets will see a spike in interest. But it can be overwhelming to sift through the options, and time consuming to figure out what works or what doesn’t.

Similar to most Americans trying weight loss, Andrea Roma, technology capability manager in Information Technology at Unum, had a history of weight loss and gain. She tried several commercial programs that just left her feeling discouraged.

Last year, she decided to try something different – nutritional counseling. She and her husband enrolled in a physician-supervised program and saw early success. Soon, their 19-year-old daughter decided to participate. In total, Roma’s family has lost 110 pounds.

For Roma, nutritional counseling turned out to have little to no pressure. “There wasn’t a fear of a crazy diet change or even counting calories,” she said. “It was more of a slow progression where it was gradual and relaxed.”

Nutrition counselors can help you establish lifelong practices that go beyond just losing weight. “This was so beneficial for not only me but also my family,” Roma said. “My husband was actually able to come off certain medications like for his blood pressure.”

Setting realistic goals and following a quality diet can help you reach milestones easily. Something as small as 5 percent weight loss is considered a significant health improvement.

“People sort of think of nutrition counseling as a last resort, and they think they will miss their favorite foods,” said Laurie Mitchell, assistant vice president of Global Wellness & Health at Colonial Life. “That’s not the case: It’s like having a personal trainer for your diet.”

Colonial Life is one of a growing number of companies that now offers on-site nutrition counseling for its employees. The costs of these services may also be covered at 100 percent under medical plans that focus on preventive care.

Roma continues to see her nutritional counselor weekly as she, and her family, continues to carry out a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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