5 powerful ways to use Facebook for work


5 powerful ways to use Facebook for work


Facebook began as a way to share photos and connect with friends, but it has grown into much more than that today. Smart companies have learned that Facebook can be used as a marketing platform, a business tool, and to connect with customers, stakeholders, and even employees.

Here are 5 particularly powerful ways to use Facebook for work.

1.Connect with former coworkers and potential friends

Although it can feel a bit strange to be on your Facebook profile for the sole purpose of looking for networking connections, few people actually realize how important Facebook can be in networking for work. Facebook connections are usually real friends—or friends of friends—rather than the kind of superficial connections that most of us collect on LinkedIn.

2. Choose your likes selectively

People look at your interests on Facebook to see the potential professional fields you’re interested in. Don’t just like any page because it’s funny or posts a good meme. Try to pick things to like that align with your professional pursuits.

3. Edit your privacy settings

Make sure that you’re not sharing photos inappropriate for work on your own timeline. When potential connections scroll through your page, you don’t want them to see all the inner workings of your personal life. Keep the information you want others to see selective. It’ll benefit you in the long run.

4. Link your other accounts

If you publish things on an online platform, such as a blog or other social media site, link the site on your own bio page. If you’re a model or photographer, link your Instagram so that people can view the portfolio of your work. Make sure that all your accounts are up to date and connected so that it’s easy to get from one page to another—and see all your accomplishments—as easily as possible.

5. Curate carefully

Don’t just put any and everything on your profile. Show photos that best represent you, interactions with friends that you’re closest to, and the events that you’re most interested in going to. Think about it like decorating your room or your work desk—you want to present the best image of yourself for others to see.

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