Super healthy recipes for the big game


Super healthy recipes for the big game

The holidays are over, but there’s a super opportunity coming up to wreck your diet: the Super Bowl.

With most Americans under-consuming fruits and vegetables and overconsuming sugars and saturated fats, it’s easy to see why the post-holiday season has many trying out diets like Whole 30 or at least watching what they eat. But is it possible to have the best of both worlds by enjoying your favorite flavors with healthy tweaks?

Step away from the veggie tray and be the hit of any Super Bowl party with these guilt-free recipes for your favorite game day snacks.

Lightened-up slow-cooker chicken buffalo dip
This recipe uses a mix of herbs and spices to bring bold flavor to this typically high-fat dip. Celery and carrots make great accompaniments for those watching calorie intake.

Healthy sweet potato skins
Usually a vehicle for fat-laden toppings, potato skins can be made healthier with a few alterations. Try using sweet potatoes as a base and substituting healthy toppings like Greek yogurt.

Healthy pizza pockets
Forget the microwave and substitute your own whole wheat dough to make this snack healthier. For vegetarians, you can add mozzarella cheese and kale instead of a meat filling.

Trail mix
This snack wins for both ease and crowd appeal. Those with a sweet tooth will love dried fruit or chocolate candies mixed with nuts, packed with protein and great for the gluten-conscious. Just mix and serve.

Wrap sandwiches
Ditching traditional bread for a wrap or flatbread is a great way to cut carbs. Wraps can also sneak vegetables into your game day spread, like spinach or even avocado slices.

“Dieting is difficult and can be hard to maintain over time,” said Grace Adeniji-ilesanmi, nurse practitioner at Colonial Life. “I’ve found that patients who try to make simple, healthy substitutes instead of drastically changing their entire diet, see more success in the long run.”