7 work habits to stop right now


7 work habits to stop right now

There are certain things we do at work that our boss and coworkers appreciate—and maybe even applaud—and invariably, some things that don’t earn us any bonus points at all. If you want to get ahead at work, then it’s a good idea to do more of the former, and less of the latter.

Regardless of how exactly you decide to fill your workdays, putting a stop to these seven bad work habits will surely get you off the wrong track and onto the right one.

1. Complaining

While there’s always something on the job that’s going to bug you, none of your coworkers—nor your boss, for that matter—want to hear you constantly complaining about it. If it’s a minor annoyance, then just suck it up and carry on. If it’s major, then deal with it.

2. Being late for meetings

No one likes that person who has the bad habit of strolling into every meeting a few minutes late. Not only is it disrespectful of the other members of your team, but someone will probably have to stop and take time to fill you in on what you missed.

3. Being too good to do that

Every job has some duties that excite us to no end—and get us fully engaged and charged up—and some duties that we think maybe someone else should be doing. Instead of refusing to do those things you don’t really want to do, put a smile on your face and go ahead and do them. Your boss will notice, and remember you the next time there’s an important assignment to be made.

4. Interrupting others

We all get really excited from time to time, and want to tell the world all about it. But when you do, you’ve got to make sure that you’re engaging in a two-way conversation with others—not a one-way rant. Instead of talking and talking and talking, give the other person a chance to talk, too, and don’t constantly interrupt them.

5. Not being a team player

Business today is all about teamwork and getting along with and working closely with your coworkers. When you’re willing to be a team player, you’ll be a real asset to your team and to your employer. If you’re not an important part of the team, then you might soon find yourself looking for a new job.

6. Boasting and showing off

People who boast about every awesome thing they’ve accomplished, or who show off on the job, get really tiring to their coworkers really quick. Instead of boasting or showing off, let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

7. Texting and posting on social media

Although texting and social media have taken the world by storm, the workplace is not where you should be engaging in either of these passions (unless it’s a specific part of your job). Focus on work at work, and save the texting and social media for your lunch break—or after you leave the office for the day.

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