Employee spotlight: How Bridget Bennon-Lytton supports United Way


Employee spotlight: How Bridget Bennon-Lytton supports United Way

Bridget Bennon-Lytton, product owner for Customer Web Applications, has been with Colonial Life for 31 years.

Here, in a Q&A with WorkLife, she shares how she supports the United Way of the Midlands through one of its partner agencies, the Girl Scouts of South Carolina. 

WorkLife: What United Way Partner Agency are you involved with and why?         

Bennon-Lytton: I serve on the Board of Directors for Girl Scouts of South Carolina, Mountains to Midlands Council.  I was a girl scout, and being part of that organization introduced me to volunteering and activities that helped build my confidence and leadership skills.  I’m involved because I want to do my part giving other young women opportunities they may not otherwise experience.

WorkLife: What have you experienced by working with a UW Partner Agency that has inspired you?

Bennon-Lytton: I get to see firsthand the positive impact Girl Scout programs have on young women as well as the passion and dedication of the volunteers.

WorkLife: How does United Way provide assistance to this partner agency?

Bennon-Lytton: Girl Scouts operates because of the generous time commitment of volunteers and because of donations that provide relevant, creative programs that develop character, confidence and courage for the girls involved.

WorkLife: What does Colonial Life’s support of United Way mean to you?

Bennon-Lytton: It reminds me I work for a company that cares about the community.

WorkLife: Why should companies and employees support the United Way?

Bennon-Lytton: There are critical and vast needs most of us have no idea exist.  Supporting United Way is the best way to contribute to the multiple needs in the community.

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