Employee Spotlight: How Libby Tucker supports United Way


Employee Spotlight: How Libby Tucker supports United Way

Libby Tucker, a director of sales analysis and compensation design in growth operations, has been with Colonial Life for nearly 15 years.

Here, in a Q&A with WorkLife, she shares how she supports the United Way of the Midlands through one of its partner agencies, Senior Resources Inc. Senior Resources provides meals to thousands of seniors every day through Meals on Wheels, and a waiting list of 300 still exists in Richland County alone.

WorkLife: What United Way Partner Agency are you involved with and why?

Tucker: I have volunteered with Senior Resources, Inc. about 13 years – delivering Meals on Wheels with Kathi Price two to three times a month, and I’ve served on their Board since January 2013. I am honored to serve as Vice President of the Board because I get to learn more about how the agency operates and the services it provides. Having seen the impact Meals on Wheels has on the lives of its clients made me want to be part of the operation.  I’ve also served as team captain for Colonial Life during the annual March for Meals 5k, and I’m slated to serve as President in 2017.

WorkLife: What have you experienced by working with Senior Resources that has inspired you?

Tucker: We deliver meals to seniors in the Eau Claire community two to three times a month. Most of those seniors receive meals through grants or public funding, rather than private pay.  To see where and how many of these people live keeps me grounded and humbled.  You never know what you will face when you knock on a door.  I’ve had someone ask me to help them get dressed (no, they were not fully clothed when they came to the door), I’ve turned off an eye on the stove that had been on since breakfast with a pan full of grease, and I’ve helped a lady get back to her feet after falling coming to the door. Most importantly, I’ve been prayed for and thanked over and over by people who truly appreciate the time I take to bring them a meal and a warm greeting.

WorkLife: How does United Way provide assistance to Senior Resources?

Tucker: The United Way is one of many funding sources for Senior Resources, in addition to encouraging volunteerism for the agency.

WorkLife: What does Colonial Life’s support of United Way mean to you?

Tucker: I am so very proud of all of the support and work Colonial Life and our employees do throughout the community – supporting the United Way is one of the most efficient ways we can support many of the agencies that fill the needs in our community – all at one time.

WorkLife: Why should companies and employees support the United Way?

Tucker: If you aren’t sure of how your money can best be used in the community, donating through the United Way can help alleviate those concerns.  They identify needs, assess the agencies that can help and divide the available funding to the agencies that can effectively and efficiently fill the void for our most vulnerable citizens –children, seniors, disabled, homeless, abused.  Agencies are specialized in what they provide, and the United Way ties them all together and allocates the funds from the community to each.

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