The least obese states may surprise you


The least obese states may surprise you

Just in time for swimsuit season: a new Gallup survey on the least obese states in the country!

The big, or make that little, winner is Hawaii, where only 18.5% of people are obese. Next skinny, in order, are Colorado (19.8%), Massachusetts (23.6%), New Mexico (23.7%), California and Nevada (tied at 23.9%), Montanta (24.1%), New Hampshire (24.3%), Utah (24.5%) and New Jersey (24.7%).

If you’re curious about who’s weighing down the other end of the scale, it’s West Virginia with a 37% rate.

Even though more of us are moving more, apparently we’re also eating more, partly thanks to larger portion sizes and packages.

Even if you’re not planning to flaunt a new barely-there bikini this summer, there’s reason to be concerned about this … ahem … growing problem. (And it is growing: The Centers for Disease Control report nearly 38% of American adults are now obese. Add in those merely overweight and the number is an astounding 70% of Americans.)

Obesity is a major contributor to escalating numbers of disability claims. It’s blamed for higher incidences of knee replacements, back pain and other joint problems. That doesn’t even take into consideration its role in increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and some forms of cancer.

And even with good health insurance, treating these kinds of conditions can really take a bite out of your bank account.

Whether saving money, improving health or just looking good is the greatest motivation, it sounds like it’s time for more of us to, well, make less of us.

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