Social media costs these 5 people their jobs


Social media costs these 5 people their jobs

The growth of social media users continues to climb rapidly, and will reach an estimated 2.55 billion by 2018.

That provides opportunities to find great new jobs. But many have learned it can cost you your paycheck as well.

According to CareerBuilder, 52 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. Candidates for positions in Information Technology, financial services, sales, professional services, manufacturing, health care and retail are most likely to be researched before the interview phase.

CareerBuilder’s 2015 social recruitment survey also found that 32 percent of employers found something on candidates’ social networks that encouraged hiring, including personality, professional image, communication skills and creativity.

But even if social media networks help you land that dream job — don’t forget they can also get you fired. According to Tribe HR, 43 percent of companies have dealt with misuse of social media among employees, with 42 percent taking disciplinary action.

Here are five people who have lost their jobs because of social media:

Bankers in the U.K. re-enact terrorist beheading video

New technology hire says she hated the work and lost the job

Fast food employee photographs himself licking food

Employee pens open letter to complain about pay to CEO

Teacher fired for photos with glass of wine, mug of beer