Let spring fever fire up your work


Let spring fever fire up your work

March Madness is over. But just when you thought you’d be able to buckle back down at your desk, it hits: spring fever.

It’s not just in your head. Longer days and more sunlight create biological changes that give us more energy, make us less sleepy and even cut our cravings for carbs.

Don’t fight it! Instead, try these ways to let your fever fire up greater productivity at work.

  • Take it outside. You’ve heard of walking meetings (You haven’t? It’s when you take a walk while you talk with someone. Works best with two, no more than three people.) Meet while strolling around outside your building. A nearby leafy neighborhood is great, but even a few laps around the parking lot will do. The point is to breathe fresh air and see daylight. Plus, some studies show movement helps unleash creativity, especially circular motions. So go ahead and wave your arms to illustrate that brilliant point.
  • Bring it inside. A few blooms from your yard or a new green plant can freshen up your desk can remind you there’s new life outside those cubicle walls. (Gents, this applies to you, too.)
  • Picnic, anyone? Bring your lunch and find a sunny spot to sit outside and sup. Urban dwellers, opt for an outdoor table at your favorite lunch spot. Sunlight improves your mood, so you’ll come back to work more refreshed and relaxed.
  • Clean it up. Bring that spring cleaning mindset to your desk and drawers. Clutter causes stress, and eliminating it gives you not only more physical space but more mental space, too. Shred or toss outdated papers, organize files, and recycle — or pass to others — that teetering pile of publications you’ve been meaning to read but know you never will.
  • Go green. People who work in green (as in the color) surroundings have fewer stomachaches. Green is also associated with calmness, good luck and health. You probably can’t paint your office walls green, but try wearing something green or swapping out tired and tattered manila file folders for fresh green ones.
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