4 ways to get moving on National Walking Day


4 ways to get moving on National Walking Day

Now that it’s spring, take a break from sitting all day and get moving toward a healthier lifestyle starting on National Walking Day, celebrated each year on the first Wednesday in April.

“Regular exercise promotes good mental health and keeps our brain fit,” said Tekeela Belk, RN, with Colonial Life. “It helps with daily stress now and keeps our minds alert and decreases mental decline as we age.”

Not sure of how to get in those steps? The American Heart Association has several tips on how to get moving, including mowing the grass or walking the dog.

Here are a few tips on how to walk more while working in the office:

  • Park further away from the entrance
  • Use a hands-free phone so you can walk around while you’re on that conference call
  • Set an alarm to make sure you get up from your desk at least once each hour
  • Find a friend to walk with around the building or up and down a few flights of stairs

Some companies encourage a lunch-time walking club. For example, Colonial Life is encouraging employees to meet each Wednesday, beginning on National Walking Day, for a 15-minute loop around the company’s campus.


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