4 ways to battle daily stress


4 ways to battle daily stress

Are you stressed?

Would it help if you knew it’s Stress Awareness Month? Or are you aware of your stress every month?

In today’s world, any number of things can stress you out. From rushing the kids out the door in the morning to getting stuck in rush-hour traffic or finishing that super-important project at work – stress greatly impacts our mind, bodies and overall health.

Rather than stressing over your to-do list, make the most of Stress Awareness Month and check out these simple ways to combat stress.

  • Eat healthy – eating leafy greens and blueberries can stabilize blood sugar and calm your responses.
  • Unplug – Turn off your social media alerts and set an automated email response at the end of each day
  • Exercise – it lowers blood pressure and helps you relax.
  • Get your Zzzzs – manage your stress by managing your sleep