Where to find America’s hardest-working employees


Where to find America’s hardest-working employees

Do you work hard? Of course you do.

But what about your city? Do your neighbors work as hard as you do?

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day on March 4, Wallethub ranked the 116 largest U.S. cities based on factors such as number of workers with multiple jobs, average weekly work hours and commute time.

According to the site, the nation’s hardest workers are found in Anchorage, AK. The rest of the top 10 are Virginia Beach, VA; Plano, TX; Sioux Fall, SD; Irving, TX; Scottsdale, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Cheyenne, WY; Washington, DC; and Charlotte, NC.

The least-hard-working? Burlington, VT. But we’re not going to judge.

Click your metro area (or others) on the map below to see how your city ranked.

Source: WalletHub


WalletHub also put together this fun map to show labor force participation rates over the past decade. Does your state have high levels of citizens participating in the workforce? How is that changing over time?

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Source: WalletHub
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