Recent graduate finds opportunities at Colonial Life


Recent graduate finds opportunities at Colonial Life

Stephanie Smothers knew she was good with people, after college internships with South Carolina’s largest sports arena and with the Greenville minor league hockey team.

But the 2013 University of South Carolina graduate wasn’t sure about her next move.

A career in the sports, music or entertainment fields “didn’t interest” her. So where would the sports and entertainment management major find a good fit for a career?

That’s when she heard about Colonial Life.

In a customer service role, every day Smothers helps those people are injured, or have lost a loved one, or are facing an economic hardship with bills piling up. Every day, she uses the company’s core values of accountability, integrity and commitment.

“It’s a really rewarding job,” she said.

Colonial Life is looking for more young professionals like Smothers.

“We understand that today’s graduates are looking for more than a job,” said Nicole Wallin, a staffing specialist at Colonial Life. “They want a challenging career that fits who they are and what they have to offer. At Colonial Life, we offer a wide variety of career growth opportunities and industry-leading training programs so you can work to the position that’s right for you.”

Smothers, who joined in December 2014, said it is a great place to start a career. The four weeks of training she received at the outset helped her learn everything she needed to do her job. She also enjoys the work environment that includes colorful walls with motivational sayings, sit-stand desks and an open-door policy with managers (since the managers have no office doors).

Smothers contributes to that strong environment by serving on a committee to help make her work area fun for its 120 employees. She helps plan special events around the college football season, Super Bowl and other popular events and holidays.

“This is a wonderful starting place,” said Smothers.

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