New Colonial Life partnership promotes Latino careers


New Colonial Life partnership promotes Latino careers

Latino professionals will have greater access to career opportunities, thanks to a new partnership between Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company and the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement.

Colonial Life is among the newest companies to partner with HACE to positively impact the American workplace by cultivating the pipeline of talent and providing Latino professionals insight, access and support to be successful in their careers.

Colonial Life and HACE will work together to promote career opportunities at Colonial Life through HACE’s online career center and at HACE’s national career conference next month in Chicago. Colonial Life employees also will participate in the Mujeres de HACE program, a leadership program designed to help female Hispanic professionals grow and develop in their careers.

“Latino professionals have the potential to greatly increase the strength of our workforce and national sales team,” said Lauren Chess, national recruiting manager at Colonial Life. “They can bring not only bilingual skills essential to communicating with our customers but also insights and understanding of the fast-growing Hispanic market.”

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. was projected to reach 4.07 million last year, a 57 percent increase since 2007.* Much of that growth is being fueled by small business owners, a market segment Colonial Life specializes in. The Latino share of new entrepreneurs grew from 16 percent to 22 percent in the decade between 2003 and 2014.*

“We welcome Colonial Life as a new HACE corporate partner,” said Patricia Mota, HACE president. “In joining HACE, Colonial Life is demonstrating its commitment to redefining the landscape for a more diverse corporate America.”

* Geospace, “Hispanic Businesses & Entrepreneurs Drive Growth in the New Economy,” 2015

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