Exercise: Key to slowing aging process?


Exercise: Key to slowing aging process?

Do you get better with age? We’d all like to think so, right?

The truth is we don’t. The fact is the older we get the slower we get – both physically and mentally.

But scientists now think there may be a key to slowing down the natural aging process: exercise.

A recent study published in Neurology  found that older people who exercise regularly experienced a slower rate of mental decline. Researchers from the University of Miami and Columbia University found that participants who performed little to no physical activity showed greater decline in processing speed and episodic memory after five years, than participants who performed moderate to high physical activity over the same course of time.

Some studies show that exercising actually increases the gray matter in the areas of our brain responsible for complex thought and decision-making.

Exercising regularly and eating healthy as we age helps keep our bodies and our brains fit and active. It’s important to remember that the lifestyle choices you make as you age will help determine how you age – both physically and mentally.

“Regular exercise promotes good mental health and keeps our brain fit,” said Takeela Belk, RN at Colonial Life. “Not only does exercise help with day to day stress now, but it also keeps our minds alert and decreases mental decline as we age.”

And we all want to have healthy bodies and brains, right?