4 ways to maximize your downtime — at work


4 ways to maximize your downtime — at work

We all sometimes experience periods of downtime at work. (You’re reading this now, aren’t you?)

Yes, sometimes all we can do is dream about having a slow down.

But when it actually happens, what’s the best use of the extra time?

Here are four ways you can make the most of your downtown — at work:

  • Thank a mentor: Send a hand-written thank you note to someone in your organization who offers support and guidance. In an electronic world, the personal gesture of actually putting pen to paper may make their day.
  • Catch up with colleagues: Make it a point to keep in touch with former coworkers. Someone who used to work for your company but now works for a different one can offer a fresh perspective on what the working world has to offer.
  • Professional development: Many companies offer free online courses. Do you actually have the time it takes to complete them? Take the extra time to figure out what courses would benefit your current job or which ones would help you reach the next step in your career.
  • Clean your cube: Have a pile of papers you need to organize and file? Are there several empty soda bottles and coffee cups cluttering your space? Cleaning out the clutter will help you focus better and work more efficiently.

Pick one, or three, of these ideas and you will feel like your day was well-spent.